Courageously enter in a world of fine ingredients and exquisite dishes

Situated in the historic city centre of Timișoara, our restaurant is the environment where local fresh ingredients, the creativity of our staff and the architecture of the plate undergo a perfect symbiosis. The team of At the White Horse Restaurant identifies with the following defining elements: professionalism, dedication and love for gastronomy and quality ingredients.

The result of our work is a cuisine combining the savour of dishes from various areas of Banat, with accents of contemporary cuisine, which supports a healthy lifestyle. Our culinary approach is modern, free, creative, with highly quality ingredients carefully selected from our suppliers.

We are not sure if the name of the venue, La Calul Alb (At the White Horse) comes from the horse prince Eugeniu de Savoya dismounted in Timisoara, but we are sure that the great general used to shoe his horses and to have their harness made here. Begining with the year 1746, as time passed by, this little and beautiful building was, one after another, home for the most important personalities of the time, grocery shop, harness shop, law office, tailor and embroidery shop, the only thing unchanged being its name, LA CALUL ALB !

Why is that? What have the privileged of the house thought about, in order to defy time naming it this way? Have they thought about the prince liberating the city of Timișoara or the place where one used to go to shoe their horses or to buy harness? Possibly. But isn’t the white horse the embodiment of our dreams and hopes through time? Who isn’t waiting for a prince on a white horse, regardless of the significance it bears for each of us…. We, who have been gifted this beautiful white horse, want to continue its great story and share with you the joy of being here.

We cannot shoe your horses, but we can offer you dishes made from fresh, highly quality ingredients, crowned by the creativity of our chefs. We are happy to welcome our guests, no matter who you are and where you are from, because here, in the citadel of Timișoara, for hundreds of years, all the Romanians, Germans, Serbians, Hungarians, Croatians, Italians knew how to enjoy life together. Banat’s generous culinary inheritance offers us a unique combination of the Romanian, Austrian, Italian, Serbian, Hungarian cuisine.

Our mission is to set our creativity free and to bring the modernity, contemporaneousness of traditional dishes from our region, with a focus on the optimization of the nutritive values and on maintaining the integrity of the raw material used. We believe in the genuine taste of small series, of freshly picked vegetables and fruits from small gardens. Therefore, we support the work of those who still love their land. We have relied from the very beginning on small local farmers and we are growing, day by day, with them.

Thank you for having visited us and we hope you enjoy the culinary experience!